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stuff [Jul. 3rd, 2006|10:31 am]
Love Your Code


[mood |busy]
[music |bang on - propellerheads]

Well here's the thing, it's not really the stuff I've been doing of late so much as the using of things other people are doing. I've been talking up AJAX and various funky effects that you can get by using prebuilt js libraries and I've found peeps more than interested. In fact they are mental for it.

Sadly i cant show examples as it's all part of this online membership work which means at the moment it's all for members only. As I work for a uni it would mean you would have to sign up for a course which may be a little extravagant. Anyways, I'm hoping to sneak some of this stuff out into the wild as soon as I can. I highly recommends it, your peeps will recognise you as a god and carry through the town on a palanquin made from the sheer power of their amazement. Well, maybe not.

That is all.