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Looking for a job. java team lead / system architect [Mar. 13th, 2010|01:36 pm]
Love Your Code


At the moment I am looking for a job of java team lead / system architect.
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Mock JS Rollever Navigation w/ CSS [Jul. 25th, 2006|01:22 pm]
Love Your Code

[mood |creative]
[music |Burn, Burn by Lostprophets]

I have been playing with the LiveJournal layouts and applying a lot of my knowledge of CSS to the navigation menus. I am developing a friend's layout at my test journal, deprecated_diva.

The page is almost done, and the navigation menu was my biggest challenge, because I wasn't sure how I wanted it to look without ruining the overall feel of the page. I still have some tweaking to do to the navigation, but I need a bit of a break for now. :o)

The navigation uses list items for the navigation, and the CSS background is set to an image. Sure, that isn't anything special, but in this case when the "hover" and "active" attribute for the anchor tag are intialized, the background shifts position to appear as if the links are using a javascript rollover function. I know most of us are against javascript, and this is a script that will help reduce the use of javascript. As for upload/download time, it's prefect because it's only downloading 1 image, because the text on the image is actually text and NOT an image, which helps with SEO and 508 compliance (if you are concerned about it). I have created it to be stacked on top of eachother for a vertical navigation menu, but I have used it to make them inline for a hortizontal navigation menu. As far as I can tell, I haven't had any conflicts with cross-browser compatiability.

Don't you just LOVE what CSS can do?
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Cool custom tag [Jul. 10th, 2006|03:10 pm]
Love Your Code

I just got this working on our intranet, the client now being VERY happy with it!  Just a custom tag, a little tweaking for format reasons and bingo, all done.


Next, I have an application that's very similar to the Real Estate Management System mentioned at ASfusion.com

(Working sample is here: http://www.asfusion.com/apps/realestate/)

There's a ton of valuable tutorials at that site.  Here's the first one in making an app like the one above: http://www.asfusion.com/blog/entry/coldfusion-flash-forms-macromedia
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(no subject) [Jul. 10th, 2006|06:09 pm]
Love Your Code

I've spent the best part of the afternoon using PHP to write JavaScript...

One part doesn't entirely work in FF, but I'm working on that. This particular page is a complex form (far too many ifs and maybes), nearing 300 lines of code. I'm quite pleased with it! :)
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(no subject) [Jul. 6th, 2006|03:20 pm]
Love Your Code

[Tags|, ]

I just found out how to use the mysql_insert_id() function in PHP.

It returns the auto_increment value for the last entry you inserted into a database, which becomes very handy when you need that value to reference an entry in another table to that one. Saves an entire query in between.

Today I am mostly having fun with constructing MySQL queries to access two tables simultaneously :)
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stuff [Jul. 3rd, 2006|10:31 am]
Love Your Code

[mood |busy]
[music |bang on - propellerheads]

Well here's the thing, it's not really the stuff I've been doing of late so much as the using of things other people are doing. I've been talking up AJAX and various funky effects that you can get by using prebuilt js libraries and I've found peeps more than interested. In fact they are mental for it.

Sadly i cant show examples as it's all part of this online membership work which means at the moment it's all for members only. As I work for a uni it would mean you would have to sign up for a course which may be a little extravagant. Anyways, I'm hoping to sneak some of this stuff out into the wild as soon as I can. I highly recommends it, your peeps will recognise you as a god and carry through the town on a palanquin made from the sheer power of their amazement. Well, maybe not.

That is all.
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I Thought I'd Contribute... [Jun. 29th, 2006|01:04 pm]
Love Your Code

[mood |curiouscurious]
[music |Hotline by Emanuel]

I have been working a Paranormal Investigating group website, which in my own site, and have challenged myself relentlessly by developing it using nothing but CSS for the layout.

Haunted Studies

My Struggle With CSSCollapse )

However, the problem is with Opera. Opera doesn't like the code for the CSS navigation, and so I am going to resort to a second nav menu in the side bar on the left once users go beyond the parent page. Unless someone knows a fix, because I am still not all the way up to par with Cross capitable browser CSS.

Does Cross browser compatiability make anyone else have an aneurysm?
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(no subject) [Jun. 29th, 2006|11:27 am]
Love Your Code

[Tags|, ]

I'll kick this off with my latest accomplishment - an epic challenge spanning no less than three hours, and resulting in a masterpiece (in my opinion anyway :p)

I'm working on a moderately small project, but quite fiddly in parts. The contents of one particular drop down menu is populated using a complex two-table SQL query (how I managed that is another post, I think). Anyway, I was having the daily talk and update with my boss yesterday, and he decides that if a user knows the id number of an entry in this dropdown menu, they should be able to input it and have the menu skip to it.

Now, this is no mean task, since items in a menu are identified (and selected!) by an index number - a number which bears absolutely no resemblance to the id number we're looking for. I learnt a good deal about how a <select> breaks down in terms of the DOM, and how javascript is able to handle it.

How I solved it, if you're interested (no code)Collapse )
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